Last Seen – Print & Online

Looking back at the work I’ve been making, most of it revolves around the exploration of loss. Its been a central thread in almost all work made and for my exhibit (which is still on in ICP if you’re in NYC) I made a zine which deals with loss and how we cope with not […]

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Constellation Cafe Books : Infidel

There has been a tectonic shift in how we consume journalistic images in the last five years. As the smartphone camera market has emerged, its also made us question the position of photographers in stories and in the current visual culture. Personally believe, age of the mythical heroic photojournalist is over. And this critical thought […]

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What we see – On Sally Mann

The images from Sally Mann have always managed to evoke a emotional response from the audience, almost always strongly in one direction or the other. Mann has been in news recently with NY Times publishing two articles about her first major work “Immediate Family” and about her experiences to follow after that body of work. Also […]

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