Winter Updates – End Of 2015

I didn’t realise that its been so long but its about five years since Constellation Cafe has been online! Celebrations are in order and you’re all to thank! So thank you so much for spending time here, reading and indulging in all the stuff I keep sharing.

Overtime things have changed a bit here, I’ve stopped almost entirely making technical posts, its just become a lot more about the philosophy of work now rather than the techniques of it. But if you ever need something specific, feel free to drop an email and I could try writing about it.

In conjunction with the Steve #McCurryIndia exhibition on view at the @rubinmuseum, the current series of takeovers feature #ICPSchool alumni from India sharing contemporary views of their country. Next up is Akshay Bhoan(@maharaja_patiala) an artist based in New York and New Delhi. His work is geared towards self reflection, although not autobiographical. Bhoan is interested in navigating the common threads of human experience through studying stories of a community. This week he will be sharing a small part of his work from Punjab which explores the contrasting ideas of Punjab through stories of family, loss, pride and poetry. Photo : Harnek Singh, the security guard at the Old Fort in Patiala, Punjab, India, 2013. Copyright Akshay Bhoan. #ICPSchoolGS #McCurryIndia #documentaryphotography #india #punjab #ICPAlumni

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I’ve been handling ICP’s instagram account for a week now and its been a lot of fun sharing the work in a very formal context. If you have the time, check it out! I’ve been showing images from my project in Punjab, weaving together audio and images in a experimental form.

I also just got hands on some beautiful books including Chicken Shit Bingo by Bernard Yenelouis, who I recently interviewed. I would be sharing that soon!

bingo copy

Also have been freelancing on little things like working with the amazing Morgan James who’s touring US and making incredible music. She’s a brilliant Jazz vocalist and you can find her music here.

Morgan James, New York, 2015
Morgan James, New York, 2015

And then there of course have been random things happening which just happen because, why not!

Abhinaya, New York, 2015
Abhinaya, New York, 2015

Oh and I completely forgot, also coming up is a conversation with Diana Bowers, a archivist in the Brooklyn Public Library, who will be talking about photobooks, collecting negatives and other photographs!


One thought on “Winter Updates – End Of 2015

  1. Wow, happy five years to Constellation Cafe! Meanwhile, I recently decided to say goodbye to my blog after four long years and just focus on maintaining my portfolio site and getting better at taking film photos. But, anyway, good to know you have a lot of nice stuff happening for you!

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