Summer 2016 – Life Updates

So finally catching up with my guilt and delays, here we are with another small blog post on whats been happening. Again (I know this seems like way over used excuse) but I’m so sorry about not keeping the blog updated. I have been working and it keeps me so busy that I just end up sleeping or photographing whenever I have time.

Light Tests, New York, 2016
Light Tests, New York, 2016

Other than working as a assistant to photographers, now I’m working as a Curatorial Assistant with the ICP Museum in New York. Its mostly researching and brain storming about the exhibition which will be up in early 2017.

Rahul, New York, 2016
Rahul, New York, 2016

Being away from home has been a masterclass in color, there is something which happens to you when you reduce the noise around you and focus. There has been a tectonic shift in how I was photographing earlier vs now. This is the first time that I prefer working in color than black&white.

Prospect Park, New York, 2016
Prospect Park, New York, 2016
Joana, New York, 2016
Joana, New York, 2016

Its also become a lot more personal now, photography as such is turning out to have other meanings. And I feel the more I photograph, the more it mutates into something new, beyond my imagination into something much more beautiful.

I’ll try my best to post some more interesting articles, interviews and book notes soon. Thank you again for helping me have this venue to share my thoughts on photography and everything else visual.


3 thoughts on “Summer 2016 – Life Updates

    1. Katherina, I don’t think I would have even arrived at this place in life without the people I’ve met through the blog. I always feel its like a place where I come to meet friends and have a drink.. But thank you for helping me with not feeling so guilty about being slow with the posts 😀

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