Reporting From Home

Coming home has been a big change, even if its temporary, it feels like scratching the surface again and discovering how to exist. I’m back in Delhi for around 4 more months, working through what feels like a persistent fog. Or maybe its just very different because I’m a very different person now looking for different things.

Bombay Archives
Bombay Archives

That is one of the reasons that I’ve had trouble with writing more for Constellation Cafe. Photography is no more about books, equipment or education. Photography is representational of life we live, the people we speak to, the air we breathe. I could write all sorts of things here but its not really going to make any sense.

Delhi Archives
Delhi Archives

Burning blind,
in the forest of the mind,
what immortal alchemy,
or what immortal chemistry,
dared shape thy fearful symmetry,
dared dream thy fearful liberty,
and in the eye,
conceived the I
and the “aye”
a Me!

– Conrad Aiken

Gurgaon Archives
Gurgaon Archives


The images I posted are quite big but they won’t show as big, sorry about that. WordPress is falling apart.


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