My name is Akshay Bhoan and I’m a photographer based in New Delhi & New York. The name Constellation Cafe comes from a beloved small cafe I know of in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, a place that has inspired me now and again.

I’m a lifestyle and documentary photographer working on independent projects.

Contact Details :

Akshay Bhoan – Documentary & Lifestyle Photographer
Website : www.bhoan.com
Instagram : maharaja_patiala
email : abhoan@gmail.com
skype : akshay.bhoan

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Akshay,

    I saw your flickr stream and was blown away with your film work. Just like you, I have a passion for film that started a few months back. One day, I have to get a Rolleiflex so I can get into medium format. Anyways, beautiful work and a really nice blog.

    Regards, Pali

    1. Dear Pali,

      Thank you for visiting the blog and going through all of it. I’m sure now that you’ve tasted film, you’d never want to go back to digital. Its like a drug, a addiction.
      Hope you find your rollie soon, keep shooting man!


  2. Hello! Thanks for liking one of my posts. I found your blog really interesting! I’ve subscribed to your blog and will also add you to my links!

  3. Loved your blog. You simplicity of writing is what makes it impressive. What hooked me is the section – THE FILM PHARMACIST which gives a beautiful description about the technical aspects of film rolls. Though my works are in digital but soon planning to shift to analogue; especially for my black and white fine art works. Hope you could also add the current INR values of the rolls that you would mention in your upcoming post as it will be of great help for newbies who want to jump to analogue from digital bandwagon.
    Lastly, Keep up your good work!! Its nice to read about films.

  4. Hi thre, Could you help me to find film rolls to swap(double or triple exposure) in new delhi/bombay.. Your blog is quite famous in Film world online 🙂 Good going!

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