Film Speed & Escaping Noise

The above is a shot from my digital camera. At one point of time I had almost given up on 35mm film because of how grainy it was looking even at low ISO’s and how the colors were just not saturated enough. Ironically¬†I recently came across in a discussion at school was Film Speeds. There […]

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Before You Attend That Workshop

If you’ve been creating work for some time now its a really big step forward to submit your work for a workshop. Why you ask? Imagine a group of talented individuals looking at your work, focusing all their energy at it. What more could you ask for. Photography workshops are definitely a great way to […]

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CC Conversations : Edward Olive

Sometimes we can never know what life has in store for us. Our paths twisting and turning, sometimes ending up in new places never imagined. And surprisingly we realize that this is where we want to be. Edward Olive was never a photographer, he was an actor looking to shoot some head shots for himself. […]

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