Summer 2016 – Life Updates

So finally catching up with my guilt and delays, here we are with another small blog post on whats been happening. Again (I know this seems like way over used excuse) but I’m so sorry about not keeping the blog updated. I have been working and it keeps me so busy that I just end […]

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Leading On To 2015

Happy New Year!! 2014 has been a brilliant last year and so much yet to come. This post is mostly going to be a recap of the last year and a hint on the amazing things to come soon this year. Firstly this has been a great year in terms of just getting to understand how […]

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Constellation Cafe Books : Crushed

One of the books which caught my attention in the New York Book Fair was Crushed By Jason Fulford. I had previously seen two of his books Raising Frogs for $ $ $ and Hotel Oracle and his brilliance really likes creating relationships between the images. Crushed is small hardbound book with a leatherette cover. Surprising heavy for […]

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Last Few Breaths : Bombay

Bombay in the rains is as charming as Delhi in winters. Somewhere this time the city has lost a little bit of its charm, but so I thought. My belief has been reinforced again after meeting a few old dear friends, I feel like I’m back in my space. Just an update on whats to […]

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