Last Seen – Print & Online

Looking back at the work I’ve been making, most of it revolves around the exploration of loss. Its been a central thread in almost all work made and for my exhibit (which is still on in ICP if you’re in NYC) I made a zine which deals with loss and how we cope with not […]

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DIY Straps For Your Camera

Ok, admit it that Canon makes the worst straps for cameras. Its a little obscene and vulgar to write “Canon EOS” or for me “Canon 5DMKII” on the strap. Its almost like “Check out my shit, bitch”. So just to make a more subtle statement and get a better grip on the camera, I decided […]

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India Art Fair : 2013

Yesterday was the last day for India Art Fair in NSIC grounds, Okhla, New Delhi. The biggest art festival in India and its something you can’t afford to miss. And luckily I was back from Vrindavan with just one day to spare for the festival. There are not many photographs to share nor is there […]

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Plans To Vanish

Sorry have not been updating the blog much. Have been a little caught up with a lot of things. But here is a quick update on things, more of a personal post about whats happening and what I’ve been reading / working with / listening to. Have been working on a new series with Polaroids […]

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