Hands on Leica M4-2

When my friend asked me if I’d post about his camera on my blog, I was delighted because its just really tough for non-professional film users to get hands on good genuine film gear without getting into insane hunts and repair cycles. I believe its best to sell a camera to people who would care […]

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Old New Leicaizm

I recently tested my old-new Leica M3 with a Summicron 50 f2 lens and I’ve been happy but not super happy. Happy because technically its sharp, doesn’t have any light leaks and the mechanism is cleans and smooth. Not super happy because I became a little sloppy with the test (took a whole month to […]

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A Little Interruption

So we were suppose to jump to more serious posts, with Max Pinckers but I’ve been slacking off, reading books and watching movies (and not typing the interview as its in audio form and needs to be written down). But I do have a update! Came to New Delhi for a short break to find […]

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The Best Rangefinders Under 100$!

Before SLR’s, there were Rangfinders. And in all honesty, there were a lot better than SLR’s. But then as we always want something “simpler” even if it kills the camera design, we got SLR’s. Anyhow, putting my personal opinions aside, Rangefinder cameras are made to focus based on distance. Set the distance of the subject […]

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