Summer 2016 – Life Updates

So finally catching up with my guilt and delays, here we are with another small blog post on whats been happening. Again (I know this seems like way over used excuse) but I’m so sorry about not keeping the blog updated. I have been working and it keeps me so busy that I just end […]

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Constellation Cafe Camera Sale

So I’m back from London and decided to say adios to some of my cameras. Reason for sale is the same, the cameras have been sitting with me for some time and not really getting used. They would be better off with someone who uses them (and loves them ofcourse). A sample from the Lubitel below […]

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Film Giveaway Begins!

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and cause now is the time when we seriously need some analog push, Constellation Cafe presents its Monthly Film Giveaway (loud applause!!). So whats it all about? Its quite simple. I’m going to, every month, give out three rolls of film to one lucky fella! What […]

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Darkroom Stories

“She kicked away one of the boxes and lifted a stool over the junk in the hall and sat down. You get a call from someone you’ve not seen for many years. Someone whose voice you never ever expected to hear again. It was true, she had been on the phone for a long time, […]

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CC Conversations : Jason Tilley

Some people are lucky to have a history of visual culture in their family. But when you take some lovely slow cooked history and marinate it with a photographers mind, you get “thebeautifulpeopleblog”, a project which brings together storytelling and visual poetry together in the perfect blend. Today I speak to Jason Tilley, the founder […]

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Workshops & DPF2013

Its been three very hectic weeks and I’m so sorry for not being to update the blog. So much has been going on that my head been’s buzzing with information and work (in the most amazing way). Firstly Delhi Photo Festival has been going on. I wasn’t able to attend it last year and I […]

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