Dreams & Whispers

Casual photographs sometimes revel a state of mind more clear than a meditative state can. Recently I shot with two of my dear friends. And just like that, these pictures were almost an extension of my older series, as if the missing pieces of the chemistry I was trying to find. Just one thing to […]

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CC Conversations : Penny Felts

She’s has the ability of instantaneously transporting¬† you to another world. The world of dreams, the world of bare soulful images and thoughts of love frozen in time. Look at her work and you see drama, sexuality and composure. But those who look deeper see a whole another world flowing with emotions and subtle poems […]

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CC Conversations : Dmitry Pahomov

When you first look at his portraits, you immediately recognize the man’s talent to bring the character in focus with his subjects. But you only realize the full potential of his pictures when they continue to linger in your mind long after you have left them behind, haunting your dreams.¬† Tonight I present to you, […]

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Scarlet Whispers

Delhi fog can be really notorious but its awesome fun when you need drama. I had actually planned a more brighter shoot with lots of props and a more fairytale-ish theme but didn’t have the daylight for it. So my sister and I ended up shooting on the roof and this is what I got. […]

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