Down :

Just an update on my personal website. Its going to be down for some time as I’m working on newer content (also I don’t have money to keep the page up). I shall be blogging regularly instead and keeping you updated with the best of what is happening around me, like the picture above of my […]

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CC Conversations : Andreas Kaiser

Dark, intense yet personal, these words may somehow describe his work in terms of the look. But as you look through more and more of his pictures, you’re drawn into the fragility of each moment. Its amazing how he picks to show the world in contrasting yet inherently singular images, carefully looking into his own […]

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Scanning Blues

I think too many people face the same problem so I thought I should talk about it. Scanning film is a pain, its slow and its expensive, at least if you get it done from a nearby lab. And getting your own scanner is not always a option. Now once a wise old photographer told […]

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