Something Old Something New

The last few days have been very kind in terms of finds and acquisitions. Firstly now my Canon kit is now loaded with a fantastic 24-70 2.8 L lens. Its freaking fantastic and I love it. Is it better than my super fav 50mm 1.4? Not really, its not comparable in terms of sharpness or […]

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Making Sense of Technical Books

Does it really make sense to be reading and learning about all those technical parts in photography? Might it be books on “digital photography” or “35mm film photography”, does it really help to read all that and can you actually implement that information in your work? I speak to a lot of friends about technical […]

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CC Conversations : Andreas Kaiser

Dark, intense yet personal, these words may somehow describe his work in terms of the look. But as you look through more and more of his pictures, you’re drawn into the fragility of each moment. Its amazing how he picks to show the world in contrasting yet inherently singular images, carefully looking into his own […]

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