Constellation Cafe Books : Party – Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung

“If there is going to be a revolution, there must be a party” A few days ago, Akshay reviewed Cristina d Middel’s much praised (and extremely difficult to find) photobook “The Afronauts”. For those who like, and collect, photobooks, “The Afronauts” is one of the big fishes, the trophy that we would like to get […]

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5 Things To Do This Summer

Greetings from Delhi. Its a lovely comfortable 48 degrees celsius and if you’re stuck home, maybe looking to entertain yourself, here are a few tips! Shoot some super high iso film in these hot nights There is no way you’re shooting in the hot daylight. So try some high iso films in the night. If […]

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India Art Fair : 2013

Yesterday was the last day for India Art Fair in NSIC grounds, Okhla, New Delhi. The biggest art festival in India and its something you can’t afford to miss. And luckily I was back from Vrindavan with just one day to spare for the festival. There are not many photographs to share nor is there […]

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CC Conversations : Suhita Shirodkar

Sublime, beautiful and poetically attentive is what I think of her work. Her water colors are full of life yet never chaotic. Curious as a child, she’s always traveling, making notes and sketching the most vivid of urbanscapes. I am happy to introduce you to Suhita Shirodkar on Constellation Cafe. Q.Tell me a little about […]

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CC Conversations : Andreas Kaiser

Dark, intense yet personal, these words may somehow describe his work in terms of the look. But as you look through more and more of his pictures, you’re drawn into the fragility of each moment. Its amazing how he picks to show the world in contrasting yet inherently singular images, carefully looking into his own […]

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CC Conversations : Penny Felts

She’s has the ability of instantaneously transporting  you to another world. The world of dreams, the world of bare soulful images and thoughts of love frozen in time. Look at her work and you see drama, sexuality and composure. But those who look deeper see a whole another world flowing with emotions and subtle poems […]

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Audience Questions

About 3 years ago, I just happened to catch a interview midway on the tele, a lady walking about with the host  discussing how photographs are made not by the camera’s we use but the books we read, the music we listen to and our exposures in  our lives I didn’t know who that lady […]

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