Reporting From Home

Coming home has been a big change, even if its temporary, it feels like scratching the surface again and discovering how to exist. I’m back in Delhi for around 4 more months, working through what feels like a persistent fog. Or maybe its just very different because I’m a very different person now looking for […]

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Summer 2016 – Life Updates

So finally catching up with my guilt and delays, here we are with another small blog post on whats been happening. Again (I know this seems like way over used excuse) but I’m so sorry about not keeping the blog updated. I have been working and it keeps me so busy that I just end […]

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Updates Before Summer

There has been much developing here now that finally winter is over. Coming from India I imagined I would be the last person to get sick of the cold but wearing layers of clothes does get really frustrating real quick. Other than that, winter has been photogenic and makes me appreciate the light of summer […]

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Down :

Just an update on my personal website. Its going to be down for some time as I’m working on newer content (also I don’t have money to keep the page up). I shall be blogging regularly instead and keeping you updated with the best of what is happening around me, like the picture above of my […]

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