CC Conversations : Renato D’Agostin

I met Renato D’Agostin in his Brooklyn studio on a cold autumn evening. His studio very much like his work is stark white, minimalistic and beautifully efficient. Originally from Italy, Renato has been in New York for more than eight years, working solely in monochromatic film and darkroom prints. What really amazed me about him is how he […]

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CC Conversations : Peggy Anderson

I came across Peggy’s work through a instructor at ICP and I was immediately taken by the softness of the mood in her portraits. I spent some time talking to her about the project “Morning Dip” and her upcoming exhibition at Fotografiska, Sweden. Q. Do you consider yourself as a portrait photographer? I don’t necessarily consider […]

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CC Conversations : Toni Amengual

If you’ve been following Constellation Cafe, you know I’ve been pretty excited about sharing notes on Toni Amengual’s new book “Pain”.  Toni has usually been shy about his exposure to the online world and the work promotion, specially in the English speaking world. So here is some more on his book along with his comments […]

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CC Conversations : Jason Tilley

Some people are lucky to have a history of visual culture in their family. But when you take some lovely slow cooked history and marinate it with a photographers mind, you get “thebeautifulpeopleblog”, a project which brings together storytelling and visual poetry together in the perfect blend. Today I speak to Jason Tilley, the founder […]

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CC Conversations : Max Pinckers

When I first met Max, he came across as an incredibly fun Lomographer who would go out there buzzing with his LC-A+, but there is another side to him. Max Pinckers is mainly a documentary photographer and he has worked on projects in Europe and Asia documenting various subjects from transvestites to the film industry. […]

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CC Conversations : Suhita Shirodkar

Sublime, beautiful and poetically attentive is what I think of her work. Her water colors are full of life yet never chaotic. Curious as a child, she’s always traveling, making notes and sketching the most vivid of urbanscapes. I am happy to introduce you to Suhita Shirodkar on Constellation Cafe. Q.Tell me a little about […]

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