Last Seen – Print & Online

Looking back at the work I’ve been making, most of it revolves around the exploration of loss. Its been a central thread in almost all work made and for my exhibit (which is still on in ICP if you’re in NYC) I made a zine which deals with loss and how we cope with not reaching closure.


Last Seen print edition is now online for free preview on Issuu. There is a newsprint self published edition which I made but I’ve not really gone out there and distributed it other than in the ICP exhibition. There is also a accompanying online interactive part of the project but its still to be tweaked for seamless performance. I’m working on that and will notify when its available.


5 thoughts on “Last Seen – Print & Online

  1. The link you shared is a wonderful format for showing your work, Akshay. I wish I could see the exhibition. Are the little scannable icons on the photos for use in there? If so, to what do they link?

    1. Hey Katherine, Thank you for your kind comments. The zine was designed to by hybrid. So the QR codes you see link to small multimedia pieces I made for it, tiny films which play into the story. But the narrative is also made to be seen completely without the scans.

      And thank you again for taking the time to see it.. 😀

  2. After the Virgin Mary statue and then the ‘blood’ puddle, the tan boots image was really quite a shock. I actually shuddered when I read the clipping. The last time I had such a visceral response to any art work was when I first saw the Death of Marat by David and before that seeing the Virgin on the Rocks by Leonardo. Very powerful stuff. You are so talented, IMHO,

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