What we see – On Sally Mann

Jessy by Sally Mann, from her series
Jessy by Sally Mann, from her series “Immediate Family”

The images from Sally Mann have always managed to evoke a emotional response from the audience, almost always strongly in one direction or the other.

Mann has been in news recently with NY Times publishing two articles about her first major work “Immediate Family” and about her experiences to follow after that body of work. Also with the release of her memoir “Hold Still”, she comes closer to helping the audience really understand the conflicts which exist inside of her not only as a mother and a artist but how she constantly deals with ideas of impermanence, despair and humanity.

Wet Sheets, From the series
Wet Sheets, From the series “Immediate Family” by Sally Mann

I recently got my own copy of “Immediate Family” and looking through it raises the questions of how do we draw a line between a innocent gaze and perversion, also the question that should we really question the work produced on the basis of not what it aspires to emote but where it crosses the barriers of established fears.

Mann also has a documentary out discussing her latest work along with her journey as an artist which is available online, called “What Remains”. Also Artsy has a brilliant page on the artist with exclusive articles and a listing of her exhibitions.

*Cover image by Harvey Wang


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