Updates Before Summer

There has been much developing here now that finally winter is over. Coming from India I imagined I would be the last person to get sick of the cold but wearing layers of clothes does get really frustrating real quick.

Mikael, New York, 2015
Mikael, New York, 2015

Other than that, winter has been photogenic and makes me appreciate the light of summer so much more. Also snow is a tricky thing to work with because it reflects light in a completely different way.

Snowstorm, New York, 2015
Snowstorm, New York, 2015

I’ve really started seeing light so very differently. Its amazing how much it can change from location to location and we don’t necessarily pay attention to it.

Montauk, New York, 2015
Montauk, New York, 2015

Lastly, I just got my hands on some amazing new books. Finally have an Alec Soth in my collection (From Here To There), Infidel by Tim Hetherington and the brilliant American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar by Taryn Simon. Reviews on all of them soon on Constellation Cafe.

Oh before I forget, Constellation Cafe has a instagram account now for your daily dose of inspiration from photography and other visual culture sources. Follow on @constellationcafe.

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