Constellation Cafe Books : Between The Two

Nazraeli Press is definitely one of my most favourite publishers. And I wouldn’t have expected any lesser from them when it came to Todd Hido’s beautiful book “Between The Two”.


Now for those who don’t know much about Todd’s work, he’s a brilliant photographer based in San Francisco and when I first saw his work it just completely shook me up. If I wanted to describe it, I would say he lies somewhere in between fiction and documentary, his images creating intensely speculative ideas which lead your imagination into the most powerful spaces.


I just recently got my hands on his book “Between The Two”. Hardbound and huge, the design is highly experiential. Published after his hugely successful “House Hunting”, “Outskirts” & “Nymph Daughters” this book tries to combine all of them in one singular flow with multiple voices.


Printed on semi gloss paper, the book presents images in a hypnotic rhythm. Hido admits that a lot of his work is inspired by his ever growing archive and the cultural background he comes from. Needless to say his work has a very intimate emotional quality.

As you flip through the pages, you see abandoned empty houses, nude women and unknown buildings standing silently at night. On their own the images are beautiful but together they form something really astounding.


What is really engaging about Hido’s vision is the way he leads you to believe that all these images are really saying something very specific when in fact all they do is let you translate them in any way you like. As you page through, you start building ideas, your mind fills up the silence and blanks which are left open by the artist.

Coming back to the book, a brand new copy is somewhere about 75$ but you can find it a little cheaper on Amazon.

This is a great book to have and its really inspiring to see how Todd uses images to communicate with each other. If I could change something, I would have added more landscapes, interiours and house pictures and reduced the nudes. Other than that, if you do have a opportunity to add this to your library, I would definitely recommend it.

For those who are interested, there is a beautiful interview by him on ahorn magazine’s website. He also recently spoke at SVA and the video is open for public.


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