Leading On To 2015

Happy New Year!! 2014 has been a brilliant last year and so much yet to come. This post is mostly going to be a recap of the last year and a hint on the amazing things to come soon this year.

Bronx, New York, 2014, Akshay Bhoan
Bronx, New York, 2014, Akshay Bhoan

Firstly this has been a great year in terms of just getting to understand how to see photography. I spent the last three months moving through the idea of straight documentary to how to seek abstraction in the same space to make it so much more than I could possibly explain.

Exist Softly - From
Exist Softly – From “7 Minutes Of Restlessness”, 2014-15 Akshay Bhoan

Its also been a great technical learning experience both with how to manage film and digital. I have to say I have new found respect for what digital can do and am looking to shoot a lot more with my Canon DSLR.

Mathew - Ilford HP5+
Mathew – Ilford HP5+, 2015 Akshay Bhoan

I also got the chance to mingle with Large Format 4×5 cameras and see 8×10 in action and it just amazes me how much you can get out of a negative.

Now about the things to come. I am going to have book reviews (oh so many) coming up this year including Invisible City, The Winners, III, Grey The Mountain Sends just to name a few Also I’m going to have the amazing German photographerJacobia Dahm talk about her work on families visiting prisons in a long detailed interview.

So keep checking up on the blog. Subscribe (if you haven’t already) and you can follow Constellation Cafe on Facebook too! Also because we’re starting a new year, let me know if you have any requests for specific topics of interest.


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