Weekend List – On Photography

2014 has been a really interesting year for photography with some great work coming out. I’ve been specially busy watching and reading some great content online, so sharing it here for your Xmas / New Year free time.

First is a panel discussion with Michael Mack, Dewi Lewis, Thijs groot Wassink and Stephen Gil moderated by Martin Parr as part of Photobook Bristol 2014. A great talk, must watch specially for photographers looking to publish soon.

Secondly if you haven’t been reading writings related to photography, here is a documentary to jump start your interest. John Berger is the author of the highly influential writings titled “Ways of Seeing” which was also adapted by BBC for a four part documentary.

Lastly, SVA on Youtube is sharing some brilliant talks, I’m linking you guys to a talk on Instagram and social media’s influence on today’s photography but almost all of their talks are worth listening to.

One thought on “Weekend List – On Photography

  1. very cool. thanks for the suggestions! I read ways of seeing only a few months ago, but I never knew it was a documentary as well! thanks for the finds!

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