CC Conversations : Toni Amengual

If you’ve been following Constellation Cafe, you know I’ve been pretty excited about sharing notes on Toni Amengual’s new book “Pain”.  Toni has usually been shy about his exposure to the online world and the work promotion, specially in the English speaking world. So here is some more on his book along with his comments on how we perceive and engage with it.

Before we continue, Toni already has a brilliant in depth interview online which I recommend reading. (Its in Spanish but Google Translator does a good job)

I spoke to Toni about the process on how he created these images and he spoke about not initially having a clear intention but experiencing it more like a game where he was documenting his surroundings.
I also spoke to him about the design of the book and how it engages the emotion in a more physical form. This is what he had to say :
PAIN PromoFotos08
PAINterior PromoFotos04
PAINterior PromoFotos03
PAINterior PromoFotos02
As I told you, as it started as an exercise it wasn’t meant to be a serious project which is what I have on my website. The book format allows me to do other things. About the design, it was done by Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martin from Atlas Studio. I present them my work, my ideas and intentions and they understood it perfectly. They made the perfect container for such a work. They have a great responsibility on the success of the book. I have been asked about the problem that it is more a design book than a photobook. I don’t like the photobook definition. It´ s a book, and as all books it is designed. With the peculiarity that working with visual codes (that´s how I do understand photography) I can also use design to express the message. And that´ s what we did. At the end of the book in the credits there are the special thanks to many people, that are the persons that helped me to develop the piece. I couldn’t have done it alone, despite I sign the book because I coordinate all the work. I think that we, photographers and everybody, should start thinking more as teams than individuals. That´ s also a change that I am feeling politically in my country. So that’s also another layer that there is in the book.

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