Notes For The Week : Fatherland & Exiles

This has been a exciting week. Firstly I was introduced to the work of Armenian Photographer – Ara Oshagan who I interviewed today in the ICP Library, discussing more about his work, motives and the craft behind it all.

Ara Oshagan discussing his book “Father Land” in ICP workshop.


Ara is the photographer behind the book “Father Land”. Stunningly intimate, spontaneous and emotional, this work really made me question the idea of identity, homeland and the state of exile. As the interview is in audio form, I would need a little time to edit it. So till then have a look at the work on the Burn Magazine website.

Hauz Khaz - 1986
Hauz Khaz – 1986, From the project “Exiles”

Continuing on the topic of exile, today I also attended the talk with Sunil Gupta. The Indian photographer based in London has been working for more than thirty years on the exploration of homosexuality and the phobia’s attached to it. If you haven’t seen his work, do have a look at his website but if you’re able to get your hands on his book Exiles, then thats where my favourite work lies.

Sunil Gupta in the ICP lecture series
Sunil Gupta in the ICP lecture series


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