Constellation Cafe Books : Crushed

One of the books which caught my attention in the New York Book Fair was Crushed By Jason Fulford. I had previously seen two of his books Raising Frogs for $ $ $ and Hotel Oracle and his brilliance really likes creating relationships between the images.


Crushed is small hardbound book with a leatherette cover. Surprising heavy for its size, the cover features just the title with a photograph of a raised concrete platform with stairs leading to a vista which seems to have vanished into a faded memory.



Inside are about ninety pages of full color square photographs printed on lustre paper. On initial introduction itself, the books intentions to take the viewer on a  private journey are evident. The images present themselves as thoughts of the photographer, streaks of air left behind as traces by a aircraft in a blue sky or a lone donkey standing in the middle of nowhere as if a statue.



The images as beautiful as they are, all exhibit a strong sense of sentimentality and solitude. This all is layered deep underneath a constant presence of amusing elements like the lonely dinosaur in a suburban city, seemingly lost in this time and space.


Crushed is a beautifully simple book and it exhibits melancholy in the same beautiful simple way. In the process of making the book through his editing, the photographer constructs something so indescribably fragile and beautiful, it would be impossible to see at the very moment it was happening. This book photographs the invisible spectrum of our visible lives and it does it in the way most delicately possible. I would definitely recommend it for any library.

In case you’re interested, do have a look at Jason’s website here. Inside you’ll also find links to his other books and commissioned work.


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