ICP & New York : One Month To Go

I’m so sorry for the slow updates on Constellation Cafe. Its just a month before I leave for ICP in New York to study PJ & Documentary for a year and I’m just trying to finish up on some commercial projects here and add some more images to my personal projects.

Atul Jindal & Karan Kumar : Big Dance Center Showcase, 2014
Backstage With MJ5
Backstage With MJ5, 2014

I’ve also been talking to a few more photographers and writers and surely you’re going to be seeing many more guest articles like the one by Albert Such on Quotations From Chairman Mao Book Notes.

Big Dance Showcase 2015

On the same note, I also want to introduce you to Big Dance Centre. Over the last six years they have made themselves into definitely the best dance school in India specially for contemporary and hip hop. And I can’t even describe the energy and enthusiasm these guys have. They were also the one to choreograph “Blue Eyes” by Honey Singh and worked with Amitabh Bacchan in Boothnaath and Sharukh Khan in Temptations Tour. Do check them out on their official website.


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