5 Things To Do This Summer

Greetings from Delhi. Its a lovely comfortable 48 degrees celsius and if you’re stuck home, maybe looking to entertain yourself, here are a few tips!

Soho Record Store, Ilford 3200, 2014
Soho Record Store, Ilford 3200, 2014

Shoot some super high iso film in these hot nights
There is no way you’re shooting in the hot daylight. So try some high iso films in the night. If you haven’t shot really these films then you’re really missing out on the fun of a lifetime. Ilford still produces 3200 Delta for 35mm and 120mm. So buy a roll and shoot it in dark alleys, rum fuelled underground cuban clubs or a portrait in candle light.

Things to remember are only that they need to be stored refrigerated all the time cause they become really grainy with heat.

Hook into Soundcloud & Bandcamp
If you’re looking for some great music, streamed fresh into your headphones, this is THE place for it. Bandcamp launches one episode compilation about 2 hours long every thursday with the best tracks from the website, so so good. Soundcloud has much better navigation but in the end both are equally brilliant platforms. (Added a little treat for you right below)

Things to remember are to make endless playlists on soundcloud and stream them anywhere. Also, find me on soundcloud as “Maharaja Patiala”.

Online Books

Download and read some e-books
Now we all know how difficult it is to get photobooks in India. But there is hope! MAPP is a London based digital publishing house which has put out titles like War Primer by Broomberg and Chanarin, The photography of nature and nature of photography by Joan Fontcuberta or something as classic as Tony-Ray Jones’s American Color. So no more going to the bookshop and having a conversation about how they have the worst photography book section ever. Now its as easy as click and download.

Things to remember, they are giving away War Primer free right now on joining their mailing list. Yay on getting a Deutsche-Borse winning book for free!

National Portrit Gallery, London, Provia 100, 2014
National Portrit Gallery, London, Provia 100, 2014

Spend some time in the virtual museums
Google Art Project lets you wander in some of the best museums of the world and look at artwork at incredibly high resolution. So if you’re in the mood to learn lighting from some real masters, just go online and find yourself starring at Van Gogh’s brush strokes right from your room

Things to remember, the platform now features more than 32,000 artworks from 46 museums, and the image acquisition process is underway at the remaining partner museums.

Working on the Magnum Photos slide archive, 2014
Working on the Magnum Photos slide archive, 2014

Set up a proper tagged archive
Having an archive could mean saving at-least a few hours every month which you spend in trying to fanatically find those images which you thought you shot but can’t be sure cause you don’t know where they are. Arrange and work your digital and analog archive according to year / project or subjects. If you really have the energy and the patience, then you could tag your images too which makes finding them as per topic so much more easier.

Things to remember, Adobe Bridge is what you need. It lets you edit everything from Copyright data to tags.


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