Constellation Cafe Camera Sale

So I’m back from London and decided to say adios to some of my cameras. Reason for sale is the same, the cameras have been sitting with me for some time and not really getting used. They would be better off with someone who uses them (and loves them ofcourse).

Lomography Lubitel 166+
Lomography Lubitel 166+ : Condition 9/10

A sample from the Lubitel below :

Jodhpur 2013 – Lubitel 166+ with Ektar 100
Lubitel 2
The Lubitel comes with its original box and accessories like lens cap etc
Also selling the TTL Prism Meter from Kiev 80 (so its just the top viewfinder). Condition 8/10
Lomography La Sardina - Fred Perry Limited Edition : Condition 9/10
Lomography La Sardina – Fred Perry Limited Edition with Blitz Flash : Condition 9/10

FYI, All cameras have been constantly stored in dust free dry cabinets with moisture control. Email me if you need more information at The cameras are right now in New Delhi but I’ll be in Bombay this week so if you want one, buzz me.

Also! I’d strongly recommend that you do your own research or just email me if you want to know about the camera or talk about your requirements in general. I’ve had a buyer before who didn’t really do their research and then later whined like a toddler, claiming that the camera I sold was more expensive than they could find on ebay. So for all those children – This is not a shopping website. This is a personal blog and I’m selling my own personal gear. If you’re not happy with the cost or have a better deal somewhere then I’d respect if you do your research and pick whats right for you instead of acting like a nob.