Film Giveaway Begins!


I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and cause now is the time when we seriously need some analog push, Constellation Cafe presents its Monthly Film Giveaway (loud applause!!). So whats it all about? Its quite simple. I’m going to, every month, give out three rolls of film to one lucky fella!

What do you need to get this film? Well, its quite simple. Just leave a comment here saying why you love film so so much and bang, you’ve just participated in the contest. I’ll just pick out the most genuine / interesting / fun / mind boggling comment and them three rolls of film absolutely free.


Hold on, there is one little condition. If you do win the film, you must must must (yes its three times) share one of the three rolls with a friend who has never shot film. So you’re having fun with the two rolls and helping another friend experience film with that one remaining roll. Yes? Ok? Awesome!

Just a few things, (1) I’ll chose the films on my own, so don’t bug me saying “gimme this gimme that”. (2) Giveaway open only for Indian Residents (can’t ship internationally). (3) If you post images from the films on fb / Twitter, please tag Constellation Cafe. (4) Its a monthly giveaway, so if you didn’t get it the first time, try again!


13 thoughts on “Film Giveaway Begins!

  1. I still love films as I never see the colours as lively and vivid that i get in films in any my digital pics. Its just magical.

  2. My love for shooting film evolves from the beauty and mechanical complexity of an analogue cameras. Over a 100 moving parts moving in synchronization for a mili-second. Many times i just want to shoot a roll to experiment with the camera itself.

  3. When you shoot with film, you know that you cannot delete it if it goes bad, so you do all your thinking about exposure, and most importantly the framing before taking the shot. It has been many times when i looked through the camera, thought about the frame through the viewfinder,but didnt press the shutter, as I thought it was not good enough. In a fast moving world, it slows you down, and this is very important. Techincally the quality of film , if it is developed good, and printed authentically creates much better image than any digital camera. (Here i mean the in-camera image, not the one after image processing software). The stochastic nature of film also gives a wonderful feeling. And the most exhilarating feeling that i get is when the prints come from the shop, its like getting your final exam marks, only difference this is much cooler!!!

    Good initiative Akshay. I hope the person who win the films, have lots of fun with it.

  4. Film gives a whole new experience, black and white film images kick digital shots in the nuts easily. No matter what, the natural tone of a frame on film cannot be duplicated. Film is love, digital is life without love!

  5. Because come January I’m traveling to Angkor Wat, one of the most mysterious and magical places on earth and because you already know what happens when I shoot film. Need I say more? 😉

  6. I want to try film, have learned on digital. Digital allows user to make mistakes and hence he takes more time to learn, whereas in film, a subtle understanding of what and how to capture is essential, or else it would go waste. Framing, understanding light and depth is a prerequisite for films. I want to try that out!!!

  7. I used to shoot a lot with film. Now with the advent of digital technology, I have forgotten everything about film. Now, I want to revive that memory. After reading this post, I can say “Film is not dead” 🙂

  8. being a lazy bum, it takes me a while before I send film for developing. Imagine my joy when I see photographs from months back, reliving memories I have forgotten.

  9. I love how your helping people fall for films, by making the winner give away one roll to someone who has never shot a film 🙂 (Supeerrr)
    And yes I want my Dad to teach me film again, with his old Russian Zenith 🙂 and of course the happiness of getting free stuff 😀
    I want I want : D hahah 😀

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