Little Things : Sunlight & Minox 35

Its been a really lovely week here in Delhi. Yes the humidity is a issue but such a great time for photography or just a walk with friends.

Gold Mines

And then today the most brilliant thing happened. I was shooting for a client and the family was ever so kind to gift me a beautiful little camera. I was jumping up and down with joy, just on the idea of it and then comes this beautiful box with a fantastic white Minox 35AL.


This version of the 35mm point and shoot is fully automatic. It comes with a 35mm f4 lens and a really well built metal body. Instead of having a lens cap it has a flap which pushes the lens back in shut.


The little Minox adds to my collection of point and shoots, Lomography LC-A+ and the Olympus XA2. If you notice the size is about the same. One thing which you might find is better in those cameras is the focusing mechanism is a lot more handy, placed on the side. Here the settings are on the lens itself, which being tiny is a pain.


The Minox (this specific model) has a limit of 400ISO for films. So its surely not going out in the night. I’m still to load it up and see how it performs (have just cleaned it and kept it in the camera cabinet for now).


If you like the camera and you want to try it out, I’d recommend the Minox 35 GT, which is aperture priority and boasts of a fantastic f2.8 lens (2.8 to 16) not to mention, decently priced.


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