Starting The New Week With Constellation Cafe

Its been a really hot weekend in New Delhi. And that simply means there is no stepping out to shoot. All my personal projects, everything is shut down right now cause I did try walking around and shooting, ended up with fever. But then this weekend was well spent with friends and some new Fuji 3000b. Now for those who don’t know much about this, the Fuji 3000b is a instant black and white film, still being made by Fuji. I don’t think I’ve shot enough to feature it in The Film Pharmacist series, but it should be on soon.

Fuji Inst Pola

Also if you’re looking to spend some time watching movies this week, Don McCullin’s new documentary is all over the internet. Called “McCullin“, its based on the life and images of Don, a brilliant British war photographer. If you remember, he has also been featured in the blog before with his book on India.

Screenshot Don
Still From Don McCullin’s new documentary

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