The Film Pharmacist : Fuji Pro 160H

Catalog Number : 022
Reviewed By : Me! Akshay Bhoan
Film Name : Fuji Pro 160H
Format : 120 / 135 / Instant :  120
Speed (ISO) : 160
Color / Slide / BW : Color
Processing (C41 / E6 / BW) : C41
Color Exaggeration (R/G/B) : All, deeply saturated.
Availability (In Production / Back Stock / Discontinued) : In Production.
Contrast : Medium
Uniformity (High, Mid, Low) : High
Personal Comments : Recommended by Thil / 35mm Bureau, this film is one of the most beautiful emulsions I’ve used. I think it can be compared to the Kodak Ektar 100 in every way. Fuji’s emulsion seems to exaggerate green’s and blue’s more and its the same case for this film. But what is beautiful is the deep reds which it brings along in the same spectrum. What also surprised me is the grain quality, its sharper than any other color film I’ve used in Fuji. And even after shooting in broad afternoon sunlight, images are not burnt nor do they have very harsh shadows. Definitely a film worth using ALL the time.

ProH_1 ProH_2 ProH_4 ProH_3


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