Constellation Cafe Sale! (Sold Out)

My friend Jonas, a amazing photographer who I’ve interviewed before on Constellation Cafe asked me if I knew something about used cameras. He wanted to sell some of his gear and I thought it could be great to put this stuff out via my blog because readers could get some really well maintained gear for low cost. As Jonas & I discussed, he doesn’t want to sell to dealers, so unless you’re a photographer or an true enthusiast, please don’t call / email me for these cameras. Also I’d recommend that you read / study about the cameras beforehand.

Next in line is the Yashica D with original leather box and lens caps
Next in line is the Yashica D with original leather box and lens caps – SOLD


The camera is operationally perfect but its leatherette is coming off from the front. Conditon 7/10. – SOLD
Next in line is the Yashica Mat 124G – SOLD
This camera doesn’t come with lens cap – SOLD
The condition is quite nice and the camera is clean and operational. Condition 8/10 – SOLD
Jonas’s first camera, this Olympus OM1 is in great condition and comes with 3 lenses, 6/10 – SOLD
The Olympus 50mm 1.4. Condition 6/10 – SOLD
The 28-70 F4, condition 5/10 (the lens zoom is not smooth so I wouldn’t rate it any higher even though the glass is good) – SOLD
Jonas's first camera, this Olympus OM10 is in great condition and comes with 3 lenses
Olympus 28mm f3.5, condition 6/10 – SOLD
Also on sale this amazing analog light meter, Lunasix 3 with its original leather cover. Condition 7/10


The last on the lot is a beautiful Mamiya 6 RF Medium Format Camera – SOLD
This really rare camera comes with all three lenses which have been made for it. The 150mm, the 75mm and the 50mm. Condition 9/10 – SOLD

If you’re interested in any of these cameras then please email me with the name of the camera as the subject on The costs will not be open for negotiations but trust me when I say that Jonas & I have made sure that the costs are bare minimum and he just wants these cameras to be out with people who can use them rather than them sitting in a camera bag.

(There was a Voigtlander Bessa R2A and a Diana for sale which have been taken off now)

I’ll mark out the cameras as “SOLD” as soon as they keep going. Cheers! And yes, the cameras are in Jaipur. They can come to Delhi / Mumbai but beyond that you’ll have to pick them up. Can’t ship cameras as really don’t trust these courier companies.


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