Something Old Something New

Some camera porn for your weekend

The last few days have been very kind in terms of finds and acquisitions. Firstly now my Canon kit is now loaded with a fantastic 24-70 2.8 L lens. Its freaking fantastic and I love it. Is it better than my super fav 50mm 1.4? Not really, its not comparable in terms of sharpness or depth or weight (all of which are better in the 50) but it brings one ability which is unsurpassed by the 50. Its the ability to move from 24mm to 70mm without fumbling with prime lenses. Its been a pain for a long time to move from wide to tele on the street but this lens makes it so much better.

Then thanks to my dear friend Shreya Sen, I got back my flash which had been just lying around in Bombay for more than six months. It wasn’t firing or charging and thanks to her now I finally have a operational manually controllable flash.

Its Alive!
Its Alive! Finally after 6 months of repair!

Also I’ve been hunting around for old pictures and I came across a really nice batch in Bombay. The polaroids from one of the series are in the first picture of this post and trust me when I say this, those images, the full series is just brilliant. I also met up this time with Priyansha Jain, a designer based in Bombay / London and she showed me what she’s been finding in her trips to Rajasthan.

The Little Slide Box
The Little Slide Box

Its been so dusty in Delhi that my scanner even after a basic cleanup is full of it. So you might be able to see a lot of these small lines on the scans, all because of the fine dust in the scanner. As the Epson Gurgaon Service center is as worthless as a doped up monkey with a screwdriver, I’ll have to end up cleaning it myself one of these days.

BTW, One of my friends is putting out some of his best film gear for sale and I’ll be posting it on the blog soon. So keep a look out for a brand new sale!


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