The Lab For You : Idea Creative in Bombay

There are only a handful labs in India left now still developing professional level films. And one of the labs which I’ve been using for more than two years now is Idea Creative Solutions in Mumbai.



Idea Creative comes from a rich heritage in film photography which once existed in Bombay. There were huge labs working film as it was the primary medium for cinema and photography. With the decline of film usage, most labs shut down, putting technicians out of work. So a few of them came together to create Idea Creative which I feel is one of the highest quality professional lab in India for Film & Print.

Today Idea Creative would be able to develop 120mm, 35mm, Large Format films for you. They also house a Epson V700 scanner (flatbed) for decent quality results. There is a working darkroom where all films are handwashed (means no scratches or anything) and a working black and white analog printing setup for images as big as 24″x24″. In terms of digital printing they have two huge Epson printers for art quality printing.










How to reach :
Just take a cab to “Maratha Udyog Bhawan” in Prabhadevi. From the red light, take a right. You’ll find the lab about 500mts inside that road, next to a small temple and usually a water tanker standing in front of it.

Address :
Shop No. 1, Sharma Bldg,, Prabhadevi, (Next to Prabhadevi Temple), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025, India
Phone: +022-6573-0184
Opening Times: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sunday Closed


12 thoughts on “The Lab For You : Idea Creative in Bombay

      1. They’ve stopped E-6 processing and B/W processing can take anything from 2 days to about a week. Mr. Tupinder, based in Safdurjung is a much better option; Charges less than SV and generally ensures next day delivery.

      2. I got two rolls of B/W and one roll of color film(C41) processed there and was happy with the results. No scratches or anything on the negatives. He uses a Jobo for processing. D76 for B/W and Tetenal chemistry for C41. No E-6 unfortunately.

  1. Indeed a very useful post for all film/print -lovers.. Who is the person to contact here (idea creative)?

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