DIY Straps For Your Camera

Ok, admit it that Canon makes the worst straps for cameras. Its a little obscene and vulgar to write “Canon EOS” or for me “Canon 5DMKII” on the strap. Its almost like “Check out my shit, bitch”. So just to make a more subtle statement and get a better grip on the camera, I decided to get a new strap. But as I’m usually broke, I decided to make my own strap.

So off we go to the belt market in Delhi. Cheap cheap cheap!


Now there are many options but I finally picked a canvas belt. Long enough to chop up and work as a strap. Then comes the negotiation, bargain and finally get the belt for about 2$ or 100Rs.


Now the next part is not documented but what I basically did is to remove the original strap and stitch in the belt. And finally woohoo!


This strap is a lot more comfortable, weight is better balanced and its much easier to grip. Not to mention no more Canon advertising crap and much much better looking.

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