Picture Perfect : Sale M3 (Sold)

I’m selling my Leica M3 with the 50mm Summicron F2. Its been in my collection for about two years now and I don’t like the idea of it sitting in my dry cabinet so I’m taking it out. It feels a little unfortunate but I think someone can use it rather than just being a collector’s item.

The serial number of the camera is : 744667. The camera is 1955 made and is in 8/10 condition. I can’t say the same for the lens, its in a bad condition, about 3/10.

I’ve attached images for the camera. I am ok with selling the camera outside New Delhi but I won’t ship it because its delicate. So you’ll have to pick it up.

The final kit consists :

  • Leica M3 Ds (Double Stroke) Body
  • Summicron 50mm F2
  • Original Leica Metal Lens Cap
  • Original Leica Leather Case (not in the photos)

The camera has been CLA’ed by Mini Photo in Mumbai, he’s the best in the industry.

L1 L2 L3 L5 L4


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