One Bad Idea : Foreign Post Office

Prashant, lets try to import film properly via post, I am sure the shipping is much cheaper than DHL.

This is the exact time when you think you’re being smarter than the rest. Yes, over smartness usually leads to trouble, and it was a really bad idea.

Bad Bad Idea

My friend Prashant stays in Chicago. He usually is hanging around in exclusively analog shops full of large format films, darkroom chemicals and beautiful lenses. After considering for a really long time, I put together some of my savings and decided to buy my next stock of films, get a old pending lens from my friend and a viewfinder.

After shuffling through Adorama, B&H and a few other places, orders were placed and all the stuff reached Chicago. The last time I got this much stuff was from NY / Calcutta (half and half). So this time, to save on shipping, we decided to use USPS with priority mailing service.

Day 1 : Stuff bought from US. Adorama, B&H and KEH all suck out money in one day.

Day 2 : Shipment reaches Chicago, shipped from there to India via USPS

Day 7 : Shipment reaches India, held up by customs, no intimation by them that its held up, no notification on what is the issue.

Day 28 : Still no notification, finally via tracking number, find it somewhere in Indian customs, New Delhi.

Day 29 : Head over to the FPO (Foreign Post Office, New Delhi) and we are told that the shipment needs to be inspected by the officer and the package has been detained. I question the office why I was not notified. I am told that they ran out of paper and stamps (yes this is the post office) so they were not able to send out letters to anyone.

The officer makes us sit from 11am to 4pm before he opens the package, it must be checked physically before anything can happen. On opening he sees the film and says “this is too much film, its commercial quantity, you need an importers license”. After much convincing, he now asks that I produce invoices for the films and all the other stuff. On being told that the equipment is used and not really bought out, the officer claims that its illegal to bring in used lenses / viewfinders / cameras to India.

Business closes for the day, its 4 PM and no one works post that time.

Day 31 : I go back again, this time with invoices for film. I wait from the morning to 2.30PM when I finally meet the officer. After much arguments and discussions, I get billed for 400$ as duty. From 3PM to 5PM I run around from one floor to another getting signatures for clearance from different heads, Customs Deputy Commissioner, Postmaster General, Postal Officers, etc etc.

Middle Earth Mordor : New Delhi

So all in all, you can either save 150$ and ship with DHL/FedEx or spend 2-4 days in the foreign post office, its your choice. But if you’re going to post via USPS, here are a few tips :

Where all evil begins

1. Try not to use this service, only if you really have no other option (like no friend is coming from abroad who can bring your stuff)

2. Make sure you add invoices in the shipment, there is no point of marking it “gift” if the claim value is over 100 USD.

3. There is a postal tracking code on priority shipping, you’ll need to check the status of the shipment yourself because India Postal Service doesn’t care to tell you anything. Make sure you also check it on Indian Postal Site and not just USPS site cause all custom details will be marked only on Indian page.

4. Make sure that the invoices have your name in Billing address, the same name which should be on the package too. If you don’t then the customs people will keep questioning you about your relationship with the people etc etc.

5. Please check the customs duty costs on the Indian Customs Website. Sometime ago I posted a article on Lomography India about customs, it explains in detail how customs charge for any shipment :

Indian Customs charges about 30% duty on all photographic equipment imported into India.

Basic Duty : 10%
CVD Additional Duty : 10%
Central Excise Edu Cess : 3%
Customs Edu Cess : 3%
Special CVD – Special Duty : 4%
Total Duty : 10 + 10 + 3 + 3 + 4 = 30% (max)

Also see link : Duty Calculator

6. Carry copies of your photo ID proof, address proof (same address as shipping address), very important as there is no photocopy shops nearby, only across the road near the TOI building.

7. All duty must be paid in cash, so keep enough cash on you. There is a HDFC and ICICI atm right across the road, near the TOI building.

8. There is a very stupid lame canteen in the FPO and a shop to eat nearby but if you’re looking to kill time waiting, there is a nice Udapi Cafe near the TOI building, good food and great coffee.

9. Be prepared to wait and wait. The customs office is slow but is not interested in bribes or unnecessary arguments. All in all good polite people who just think too much of protocol.

10. In case you have only the tracking number and don’t really know what to do next, call the Foreign Post Office Call Center, they would be able to help you.

Also a few other notes : 
Address For FPO New Delhi : Bahadurshah Zafar Mg, I.T.O, Delhi, India 110002
Phone : I am sure there is a call centre for this which actually works but I couldn’t find the number online. You could try (+(91)-11-23233325, 23233304, 23231281, 23233314)

Lastly a very important note: If your package is missing or you’re unable to understand what the issue is, you’ll have to go down to the post office and ask. There is no other way to resolve this issue. While I’m not going to stop anyone from commenting in the blog post about their experience, please don’t expect any help cause Indian Post sucks and there is no other solution to this issue.

42 thoughts on “One Bad Idea : Foreign Post Office

  1. Well! That clearly sucked! Thanks for the heads up. BTW, you seem to have paid $400 as duty! How much film were you importing!

  2. Damn man.. I like the final few points. and one other point.
    Even if you ship via DHL/UPS/ any other pvt. service, you will have to pay the customs. Only, they will pay what ever the customs is, and give you the bill at your doorstep. The waiting is cut.
    Duty, is duty. You either escape without paying by luck, Or pay up. If you know the custom laws, then may be you can argue. But like you said in the closing points, I dont think they go about false rules. Its at some place a rule and they are following. Its about how you get around it.
    Good luck for the next parcels onwards. 🙂 Lets try next round. This time, may be a different city.
    (The friend from Chicago)

  3. This sucks so much! That customs officer probably wanted a bribe. Everyone says don’t bribe, but when you bribe stuff gets done (India is hopeless). I’ve given bribes here & there in the past & everything goes smoothly then (not to customs, though).
    I’ll admit that I’m curious to know how much the stuff was actually worth. I’ve had $200 cameras pass through customs smoothly, & I’ve had to pay customs duty on a camera worth just $25! So it’s all about luck, to some extent. I’m very surprised that you got charged in Delhi, in my considerable experience (talking to a ton of people) Mumbai pays the most customs (on just about anything), also Bangalore, but Delhi customs are generally very lax, very few people have ever paid customs for anything in Delhi.
    In a way, you’re lucky you didn’t choose DHL. I think it’s rather silly to think just because you spent a bomb shipping with dhl/fedex. My only real experience with FedEx has been with Lomography shipments & let me tell you this- you will get it much quicker but you won’t be saved from customs. I ordered from Lomo thrice, all three times the value was about Rs 4000. Once I paid about 30% customs, second time it was lucky to get through without & third time I paid about 90%, absurd but true. So that 30% max is a bunch of crap. I can’t say I was cheated by the delivery guy or anything because it was all on the duty invoice. Though I had some piggies, they declared it at full, undiscounted value, jokers. So basically what dhl / fedex does it they make sure they get it through quickly, they obviously don’t care how much you pay.
    I think your best bet would be to ship in batches, spacing them out a bit. I hope you don’t have to go through something like this again, good luck!

    1. Magali, to be honest I did ask the officer if there was an “alternative” but he was quite clear about the duty, which was refreshing and respectable.

      And the duty was charged according to the law, precisely 27.45% (about 28%). And no company will declare the value less, because if its isolated by customs that would invite a punishable offense on the company’s name.

      But all in all, I don’t think it was unfair or bad, they were quite clear about how much duty was to be paid. But the biggest issue was the whole affair of going back and forth through protocol.

  4. Very sad story.
    I have had good luck getting stuff in Bangalore (touchwood), but
    a) I avoid getting anything from the US sent by post / courier (ask people to carry if possible) and use European suppliers if possible, as I have a sneaky suspicion that customs people are always curious about stuff coming in from the States;
    b) I keep the package below $100-150 or so (I suspect that the volume is what triggered the officer to identify this as a ‘commercial’ shipment. Consider what could have happened if you had kept it to 30 rolls); and
    c) the package could come through if there is no detailed invoice stuck on the outside, itemizing value and inviting customs. This is of course out of your hands, but some online suppliers don’t actually stick details on the outside of the box. Others do.
    I wonder, has anyone calculated whether it would be cheaper for a person to place a large order through a supplier/dealer? As in, if they import, would it work out to lower than this 28% or does it amount to the same thing. There are a couple of people in Delhi who may be able to import.
    Finally, there is an interesting petition started by the chaps at Goa CAP against this irrational taxation of traditional photographic materials. May be a good idea to drum up some support for that?

  5. My sympathies! Anything to do with the government of India, takes time and lots of running around. It’s something I have discovered.

    1. Ok! That one was strong comment Gorav.. I don’t think it was as bad, the man who handled it was honest, which mattered the most. He didn’t ask for bribe or make random requests, I totally respect that.. So can’t really say it was sick or anything..

  6. I tried calling their helpline number just now (1:47pm, Wednesday) and the response I got was “The office works between 10 am and 6pm. Please call later”. WTH?

    1. Ok, so I did see that they respond to phone calls but in case they don’t you’ll just have to drop in.. Its a govt office in the end and they are always a little slow..

  7. I have had bad experiences myself with the customs. I order or rather ordered a lot from over internet because in Arunachal you don’t usually get any stuffs that you want especially film rolls. Import duty and the shipping fee is very discouraging for me. I’ve had packets opened with goods missing and empty packages and sometime no packages at all. This is especially a problem when I order from ebay using standard international shipping.
    Once I ordered for a Fed 5B, a cute one with Olympic logo and a cool skin from Ukraine (the seller seems honest). I got the parcel; nice looking sturdy package but when I opened, I found a rock inside! Imagine my horror and sadness! Also on close inspection, the parcel had a neat slit on the side, nicely cellotaped over. Since then, I never order camera or lens from outside India.

    At least in your case the Customs Officer in-charge was honest.

    I had my worst Customs experience in Kolkata. I got an intimation letter from Kolkata Customs in Itanagar. I was a novice then and didn’t know any better. I ordered for some apparel online from Japan. I had some connections in Kolkata but when I called the Office, they asked me to come in person.
    Imagine it. I took a Chopper from Itanagar to Guwahati Airport and from there I took a flight to Kolkata. Stayed over in Arunachal Guest House and next day took a taxi to the Customs office which I located after a long search. The people in the office hardly bothered to help and made me wait for the Officer in-charge from 10 AM to 2 PM.
    Much later a young bald headed officer came and asked for the invoice. He opened my parcel in front of me for inspection. I had all the required documents but on seeing the invoice, he said that the limit is such that I have to provide a trading license! Now, he got me there. I tried to negotiate. He didn’t agree. I told him about how I travelled all the way to get the parcels. The man billed me Rs. 35000! A penalty for buying over required amount + no trading license + customs of 30%?!
    Since like I said I was a newbie and didn’t know any better and was alone, I go nervous. I was ready to leave my parcels but felt bad about travelling all the way down to Kolkata and spending so much already.
    He told me that if I don’t pay up or provide trading license, there will be a Customs court hearing or something for which I will have to come for the hearing again which may take place in few months’ time and later my unclaimed items will be auctioned off by the Customs Office! I am still ignorant about such things on Customs but that was pretty disheartening for me. The office hours got over and I had to go back to my guest house.
    The next day I brought along an office worker from the guest house. We spent the entire day in the office again. My acquaintance who was a Bengali negotiated with the Officer for good long hours and later the officer called me in his chamber and told me that he will free the parcels for Rs. 15000 without any official penalty. I never bribed in my life (and don’t endorse it) but all that ordeal and staying over and missing my back home flight and spending more than I imagined was too much for me. I was near tears by then and asked him to lower the rate. One thing that he told me stuck with me till date. He said, “I cannot sell my honesty for lesser”. I had to shell out the money. Paper work after that was pretty fast. Also he released my parcels for the destination though he didn’t give me the parcels because it was addressed to my home address which I got after a weeks’ time I got back home.
    My worst experience ever! Till date if at all I order anything, I do with private courier services even if it costs a lot but in a way my bad experience has made me shop less online and esp. from outside India.

    Reading your experience I had to share my experience with Indian Customs Office as well.
    Buying films from outside is pretty much hit or miss since it passes through X-ray machines anyways. Also it is becoming a very costly medium to follow up esp. for me who has no access to developing labs or chemicals and have to send them in bulk to some (half heart but not their fault) acquaintances in Delhi or Mumbai or get them done when I travel out.

    1. Kaybee, that sounds just terrible. I’m sure it was a horrible experience. I’ve myself not imported anything since I wrote this article. I was totally turned off with the shopping online experience after this whole event. The customs office is one of the most incompetent departments we have. Recently when flying to London, I specially made a list of equipment I was carrying for customs declaration, complete with serial number and details. On the airport I saw the customs officer to get the list signed and stamped, he didn’t even look at the sheet. Infact he asked me to go to the other room where I could find the stamp myself of course. As expected, no one cared about the sheet once I was back too.

      The whole customs idea is a joke, the rules of import are really old and obsolete. You spoke about the importers license, I’ve been asked to get that too as the officer thought no one man can shoot 500 rolls of film and it must be for sale. And of course he did tell me that he was somewhat a photographer himself and knew the cost of lenses which are big in size. Also, if you didn’t notice in the duty document, India doesn’t differentiate between old used analog cameras vs new digital cameras in terms of duty. Everything is 33%.

      The whole issue is not because of people like us, but because a LOT of people ship dutiable goods in post and expect them to be released without duty. The only decent way to clear your stuff from customs is to ship via DHL / FedEx / UPS who clear everything on their own and just come home with a duty slip which is always as per official rules.

  8. Ship in smaller quantities or value less than Rs10,000 if it is a gift.
    Always insure.
    Always include invoice in shipment.
    Do not visit customs office, unless they ask you to come. If you visit, it will be more expensive.

  9. Hey, your article was really helpful. I ordered an item from and the seller is from France. The seller has provided me with a tracking number of the courier service he has used to ship my parcel. Its I kept tracking on the website, the product reached india in just two days, but since then, the tracking website shows “Held under custom clearance” since 2 weeks. I am from Bangalore. I have no idea what to do. I called the bangalore Foreign Post office but they said they havent received my parcel. I called the courier people, and they are asking me to be patient. But for how long can I? its been 2 weeks already and there has been no update on it. Can anyone help?

    1. Arin,

      I suppose the best would be for you to call them again and try to trace the package. Worst case scenario would be to go there and check for yourself. Indian post offices could be a troublesome place..

  10. Also please let me know if you have an idea if i have to pay any custom duty. I called the custom office here in Bangalore, and they were quite rude and replied that they receive 1000 parcels a day so its impossible for them to tell me the status of just one parcel. I am so worried about it.

      1. thanks abhoan
        i got my parcel now after a lot of trouble and frequent visit to the office.
        it can only be said that if someone’s parcel is shown as “ems centre”, he or she needs to go there personally which will help in preceding.
        i suppose thats a given task for everyone but never been notified by the office like private parcel services. anyway the phone numbers to the offices in india post work but only after 10am to 1 pm maybe, after which they have lunch and are uncertain to return. after you’ve gone through all the trouble sadly, you will have to wait a little longer like a week if lucky to receive your parcel.

  11. I had my parcel shipped from germ at to India by Dhl who gave It to India post. Te India post people saw my house locked and without even calling me once sent it back. I got to know it goes to the customs Delhi. Can u please help me with the address and phone numbers if any

    1. Hey Anusha, if the package was shipped via DHL it will never be handed over to India Post. I think you should recheck how the parcel was shipped. If its truly DHL then you can call them and make sure they release the package.

      And for the address, just google “Delhi Foreign Post Office”. You should have all the details..

  12. Abhoan, in Germany the official postal service is also handled by DHL.

    Right now I’m suffering from pain in all the wrong places because of FPO. Like Anusha, my shipment from Germany was also handed over to IPS, Mumbai, by DHL itself, on 18th March
    On 24th, it landed in FPO, Delhi, and was shown as Retained at Customs for reasons: Other.
    I decided to call the helpdesk and there started my ordeal.
    Firstly, one has to remain on hold for ages before it gets connected.
    And, when it gets connected, you get to know as the music and the announcement stops. The Exec never bothers to even say Hello. If you don’t say Hello, when the music stops, they will simply hang up. So after almost 24 hours of efforts, I was able to talk and was asked to call again after 2 days.
    So after 2 days and endless hours of holding, I was informed that they can’t update me and advised me to visit personally to the customs counter along with the requisite documents.
    So, next day, I sent my guy with the authority letter and other documents. To my utter bewilderment, he was told that the shipment was still awaited at the Customs. The guy went to the FPO counter & they still maintained that it’s with the Customs. Finally, they asked him to contact after One week.
    Today, when finally the helpdesk connected, I was curtly informed that it’s stuck at customs and the phone was put down without even listening to me.
    As if this was not the limits, when I tried to post my feedback on the IPS website, the response was “Requested Data is not accessible, please try later…”

    1. I suppose its important to note that the postal service and DHL are not the same. Like I said before if it was shipped via post then the other service (DHL) can’t really do anything even if they are in some way involved indirectly. I can see that we all are facing the same exact issues with customs and post and I definitely will advise that if you have something important coming in, best send it via DHL directly OR just ask someone to carry it for you.

  13. Just came across this post while looking for info about FPO. Seems like you had a crazy experience with FPO. Thanks for sharing the details and experience.

    They’re not picking up the phones and I haven’t tried contacting them in person. My friend shipped a package from US for me that was sent to the post office in Chandigarh. Post office said I have to pay $100 duty before I can pick up the package or it’ll be sent back to US (and friend will have to pay duty and mail charges). So I accepted it. The $100 duty was for a coffee cup that looks like a lens 🙂

    Now I’m a proud owner of a $100 coffee cup! Have no hope about getting a refund.. 🙂

  14. Hi, I sent parcel to India and is retained in custom office Delhi India My parents are staying in Punjab. No one is answering the call in the office. If they do answer, providing other contact numbers. How can I get it. Its too far for my parents to go to office. Any advise appreciated. Thanks in advance

    1. Jaspreet, unfortunately I would recommend the best way is to send someone to check on it personally.

      Its a very unpleasant situation but the reality of the issue is that there is no way out. Next time DHL your stuff is the only advice I can give.

  15. Hi people. So I ordered an electronic equipment from ali and got it shipped from singapore via ems, yes that was the mistake i made. The shipper sent it along with the invoice of 80usd however it was worth 300usd. He told me that indian customs are so strict on the packages from china singapore hongkong thailand etc that they will definitely think that the product is under invoiced, and will hold it. Shipment sent on 3rd july.

    7th july:- there’s no info on indianpost website whereas singapore post website shows that it has arrived on 7th and has been held by indian customs.

    10th july:- i called the number given by you (011-23233325) and a very helping customer care executive attended the call she told me that the parcel is at ITO FPO and you can contact then for further queries (01123238880). I called them ans no one answered so I thought I should go directly to the FPO. Will be there by 12.00. Will keep you guys posted about the procedure and follow up. I am carrying my passport pan as proof and respective copies also.

    Some useful info:- the maximum appraise they can do on invoiced price is 150-180% on which the maximum duty that can be charged is upto 40% depending on the type of product it is.

  16. Hi people. So I ordered an electronic equipment from ali and got it shipped from singapore via ems, yes that was the mistake i made. The shipper sent it along with the invoice of 80usd however it was worth 300usd. He told me that indian customs are so strict on the packages from china singapore hongkong thailand etc that they will definitely think that the product is under invoiced, and will hold it. Shipment sent on 3rd august.

    7th august:- there’s no info on indianpost website whereas singapore post website shows that it has arrived on 7th and has been held by indian customs.

    10th august:- i called the number given by you (011-23233325) and a very helping customer care executive attended the call she told me that the parcel is at ITO FPO and you can contact then for further queries (01123238880). I called them ans no one answered so I thought I should go directly to the FPO.

    I went to the FPO delhi ITO and asked the guard at the entry, he guided me to go on the fifth floor. There i met with a lady who asked for the tracking number and told me the status. – my turn will come in around 4-5 days. And if everything is smooth then they will levy a small duty and send it via postman.

    What I figured was if the officials hold it for unpacking then i will be sent a notice otherwise it will be delivered by postman.
    Now i am waiting for any further info as of 10th august.

  17. Hi folks,

    Well its so saddening to know how everyone had to go through much trouble just to get anything almost from anywhere outside of India. Here is my story yet to be completed though:

    I Bestie sent out a birthday gift from US right on time not knowing how awful amount of time it can take and neither I had any clue it will take, so my bestie mailed it on August 21, 2015 and it arrived on August 28, 2015 and is in FPO ever since.

    So finally on September 3, 2015 me and my best felt its better to check on it so I visited a speed post office near to my home not knowing where to start from I thought it was best way to get some information so I visited and Ofc they didn’t have the package, but the postmaster was really helpful and he tracked it through IPS wed tracking and made calls for me and then I was informed to wait and whenever they get the package they’ll inform me as I gave my contact information and finally I also called customer care number (23233325) luckily after only few tries I was connectedand they could only track too, and ask me to wait as it was still lying somewhere in FPO without being processed, then I waited as instructed for 4 days and call them back and today morning and a helpful person picked up the call and told it is not yet processed, but gave me a customs number (23238880) which I tried calling multiple time from 10am and till finaly at 1pm someone picked up and told me if there’s something electronic it’s better you come down and get it cleared otherwise it’ll be stuck for a long time if not visited the FPO so I left home right away and went to 2nd floor of FPO and I shared the USPS tracking# and was told it is not yet retained and if something electronic is in it so you have to come later to get the package so I said can I come tomorrow and collect the package and they said yes come tomorrow, so this is my story till now and let’s see if i get the package tomorrow or not.

    Few questions though :

    Will I have to pay customs duty if my bestie already paid that to USPS?
    Will they directly give me the package as its Electronic item?
    What are the steps to get it ASAP any suggestions?

    Any suggestions on my case will be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  18. Hi,

    So on September 08, 2015 I went to FPO office at 3:15pm and then I approached Mrs Nidhi and she said it will be delivered in a few days at your doorstep and then I said the parcel probably includes electronic item and you told me it won’t be delivered that’s why I’m here and she replied saying yes, it will be stuck and then she asked me to wait and then the guy working with papers called me asking for tracking number but I only knew USPS and then obviously they found seed post number through it and then they opened my package in front of me and saw everything and kept it back inside and started calculating custom duty and charged me 35% and I asked if I could take package home now after paying duty and they asked me to go through a procedure:

    1. Write application stating the reason of why I want it right away.
    2. Get Superintendent Signature on it.
    3. Fill a form and on it also get Superintendent Signature.
    4. Then Mrs Nidhi Signature and she fills her section on the form.
    5. Pay Duty
    6. Lots of Signatures stating I received the package.

    And I got my package finally of course, I had to wait and pay duty, but I was happy I got it after 12 days of waiting and it was in great condition basically as it was sent and it was opened in front of my own eyes and which was a relief and probably it was worth it going again to FPO office rather than wait on their slowness and with your package to be spoiled and delivered.

    “My big time advice to all of you”
    If it is a precious gift from your loved ones or expensive, please please after it arrives FPO go visit them after a week and get your package if you want it safe and sound.

    Hopefully this is helpful for people out there who are dealing with customs first time like I did.

    Thank you 🙂

  19. How to get released a parcel detained by Foreign PO,New Delhi.

    I reside in Punjab,300km from New Delhi.I ordered 200 pieces of ‘storage case for ear phones’ from China costing a total of $129.The parcel has been detained by Foreign PO,New Delhi. FPO has asked me to submit :

    (1) Original bank attested invoice,no charge invoice & GATT declaration
    (2) Import License/OGL declaration
    (3) Importer’s code number photocopy
    (4) Certificate from the competent authority
    (5) Any other relevant document.

    I do sell on eBay as an individual without any company or importer license etc.I have only the seller’s invoice with me. Can anyone guide/help me to get released that parcel ?

  20. Hi All,

    Kunwar singh here. Ordered protein and some supplements from U.S. Shipped from U.S in August of 2015 and arrived here a week later and held by customs in New delhi foreign post office and has been help since then. No one cares or responds to any query via email or courier. package is still held there and it has been almost five months now…. I might receive them after my supplements expire. OPS webtrack # CG002030915DE

  21. Oh Dear! Is this Article even real ? We need to burn down this old rugged building, there is a hope they might build a new one atleast with some modern infrastructures.

  22. Hi,

    I’ve sent some stuff from Germany to my Friend in India (Punjab). The parcel arrived on 6th june in Mumbai. Now it’s headed to delhi for custom clearance. I’ve read a lot of article about the delhi Custome Office.. Will my parcel arrive. Oh forgot to tell I’ve send it with dhl… In India it’s the ips … I think. I’m really confused would be great if someone could help me

  23. hi all. i think i m also in same trouble.i ordered a toy from usa and it is posted by USPS.its the latest info it shows on
    Your item arrived at our USPS facility in CHICAGO, IL 60666 on April 15, 2016 at 8:51 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
    where should i go to enquire about it
    is there any chance that this can be tracked in india or it is still in usa
    please help me what should i do

  24. HI all

    My webtrack number is CG010517050DE it reach delhi foreign post office on 31 aug and has been their since then. No one cares or responds to any query via email or courier.i am really puzzled do not knows what to do next???

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