CC Conversations : Max Pinckers

When I first met Max, he came across as an incredibly fun Lomographer who would go out there buzzing with his LC-A+, but there is another side to him. Max Pinckers is mainly a documentary photographer and he has worked on projects in Europe and Asia documenting various subjects from transvestites to the film industry. His most recent work, The Fourth Wall, was made in India and I’m happy to present some snippets from the same.

Supplementing the Pause with a Distraction
Emphasis Applied Over a Single Line of Interest
An Action Broken in Two is Stretched in Time
Could you give a little more idea about your project Max?
It started off with Bollywood, the idea of Indian Cinema and making a documentary about it. I didn’t want to make something orientated around the stars, the studios or directors. It didn’t really interest me to show the shallow glamourous side of the Indian film industry. I think the idea sparked from an event that took place about four years ago, when I played a small role as an extra here in Bombay on for a local TV show. I’ve been here a few times and I’ve always been amazed how much people like movies here, almost worshipping them. The stars here are like gods, the cinemas are temples. The idea was to try and show how this cinema world or the appreciation of film permeates into daily life. To make a documentary about Indian Cinema, without explicitly showing it. By taking people or daily situations as my subject an asking them to act for me, letting them choose their own roles for my narrative. Images of behind the scene film sets are combined with tableaus made in the streets of Bombay and articles quoted from newspapers containing a similar duality of fictional stories influencing real life events.
The Dancer and The Hunter

If you’d like to see more work by Max, do follow up on his website. He’s also super active on Lomography’s Website as maxpinckers

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