Tell Tale Photographs

I don’t like the idea of putting supporting texts with images. It takes away from the process of discovering an image, it takes away from the story which your mind naturally seeks inside a photograph. The beauty of images lie not in text but in the discovery of what connects you to them.

” Naksh faryadee hai kis kee shoukhee-e-tehreer ka, Kaaghazee hai pairahan har paikar-e-tasveer ka”

A picture speaks for itself, what learned exposition does it need? The paper on which it is painted is only its outer garment; it tells its own tale indeed. 

– Ghalib

These are images and notes from the project I’ve been working on for about one and a half month. The series explores personal interpretation of life, devotion and sexuality, changes in our viewpoint due to loss we experience. And via that it seeks to find  that ever elusive place of true solace and peace.

I’ll be posting more about the project soon as soon as I get my most recent films back.

3 thoughts on “Tell Tale Photographs

  1. A thoughtful array of pictures. Stringed together they tell a haunting story. PS: Your diary is quite photogenic.

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