Hands on Leica M4-2

When my friend asked me if I’d post about his camera on my blog, I was delighted because its just really tough for non-professional film users to get hands on good genuine film gear without getting into insane hunts and repair cycles. I believe its best to sell a camera to people who would care for it and use it rather than those who’d just collect it, clean it and store it in a shiny cabinet. So here it is, a Leica M4-2 up for grabs.

The black Leica is the M4-P with a 50mm Summicron Rigid. Next to it is the Leica M3 with a 50mm Summicron Collapsible.

For those who don’t know about the camera, the M4 is the successor of M2 & M3, released in 1967. The main changes from an M3 were that it had frame lines for 35mm, 50mm, 90mm and 135mm lenses. In case you’d want to know more, here are a few links to help you understand :

Leica M4 on WikipediaLeica M Guide by Camera Quest

The camera up for sale. Please know that the lens is not included.
The camera didn’t come with a original body cap, so added a Voigtlander cap of the same size. The strap is original Leica (with embossed logo)
Camera body is in great shape. Rangefinder is sharp and bright and was recently serviced.
There are slight scratches on the top plate right and near the camera lug space, one slight bump on the right near the frame window. The flash sync cable ports have rubber caps included. All Leica M4-2’s were Canada made, hence the etching.
This image is to show you the chipping of the vulcanite on the camera body. Its chipped in the bottom and on the top near the lug too.
The base plate of the camera is clean, without any loose parts.

I’ve added some pictures of the camera, the gear condition is 7/10. There are some little things which I should clarify. The vulcanite of the camera has chipped off in one corner. The camera is made in Canada (purist would mind if I didn’t tell this) and it has been serviced once. The camera is produced in 1979 and the serial number is 1530138. Leica marks it as “M4-2 ELC” (more details on Leica Serial Number website)

Personally I’d rate the camera condition 6/10. The cosmetic condition of the camera does take away points from it but the flawless mechanics make sure that it retains the class it was designed for. In case you’re interested in the camera, please buzz me on my email “abhoan@gmail.com” and I’ll send you a quotation.


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