Constellation Cafe Books : Masters of Photography

Photography has never been more universal than it is now. Everyone has the ability to make a photograph, without a single second thought. After about a 100+ years, we’ve arrived at a point where the visual medium is readily accepted as one of the most common form of communication.

Some time ago, I came across a book which celebrates the greatest minds in photography in the last 100 years, great men and women who with their innovation and will make what the medium is today.

The book is published by Research Press Pvt Ltd, UK

Built to be a handbook, its moderately sized with 256 thick glossy pages. Heavy, you can feel the weight of the book on you when you carry it. The printing of the book is quite good, deep and dark. Softbound and thick, it doesn’t allow you to open the book completely but that’s ok because its designed to serve more as a reference book to your further search into photographers works.

I haven’t been able to figure out how they decided upon the artists featured or how they have been listed but the list is quite comprehensive, ranging from classic photographers to contemporary ones, street photographers to fashion and documentary to sports photographers. Every photographer has a small bio and a little about their work with a couple of pictures. I think the book is a little biased towards classic photographers and black and white photography.

Is this book worth the cost? Well its really a relative experience, I got it because I don’t like seeing pictures online. All of these names can be found on the web, only difference is that the book compiles them together and brings you closer to seeing real work rather than waste time searching for it. But its only a introduction and so its not a complete work in itself, only a door to finding artists you might fall in love with.

A good book to have in your library if you’re looking to see amazing artists and pick out a few to look at. It has so many genre to offer that you’ll surely find a photographer that you love, who might go on to inspire you for the rest of your life.


5 thoughts on “Constellation Cafe Books : Masters of Photography

  1. That windowsill is becoming very recognizable! Pictures online have this unreal quality about it. I’d prefer offline pictures too.

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