The Film Pharmacist : Fuji Superia 200

Catalog Number : 018
Reviewed By : Akshay Bhoan, ME!
Film Name : Fuji Superia 200
Format : 120 / 135 / Instant :  135
Speed (ISO) : 200
Color / Slide / BW : Color
Processing (C41 / E6 / BW) : C41
Color Exaggeration (R/G/B) : Blue / Green
Availability (In Production / Back Stock / Discontinued) : In Production
Contrast : Medium
Uniformity (High, Mid, Low) : High
Personal Comments : One of Fuji’s most commonly available films, the Superia is targeted towards studio photographers and people shooting casually for family holidays. The grain is sharp and the colors very vivid. It tends to add a blueish green tone to all pictures but I suppose that’s the same with almost all Fuji films. I would highly recommend the film to beginners because its cheap, has good consistent results and is easily available. Personally I feel its best suited when you want to create a very cold, fresh atmosphere in white light.

Samples :


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