Plans To Vanish

Sorry have not been updating the blog much. Have been a little caught up with a lot of things. But here is a quick update on things, more of a personal post about whats happening and what I’ve been reading / working with / listening to.

Yay to Polaroids!

Have been working on a new series with Polaroids thanks to Ismat (the model featured) and Penny (who so kindly sent me some original Polaroid to experiment). The imperfectly beautiful study helps me explore the idea of stillness and what does a snapshot means in a time that doesn’t change or move. The images you see are just a few of the final selection. The whole series will be on constellation cafe soon but only after a while as its to be published in a online magazine first.

Snapshot from the Lomography India Master Class

I recently also attended (organized and attended) an amazing talk by Dir. & Photographer Puneet Rakheja, in the Lomography India’s Master Class sessions. He spoke about the relationship of cinema & photography in a 2 hour session. The best part was the screening of La Jetee (1962), a movie made completely of still images. If you thought Magnum photo essays were amazing then this would blow your mind. Definitely a great watch and more amazing if you attended the session and watched it on a large projection screen.

Finally Rain!

After waiting for like a million years in the heat, the rain is finally in Bombay. Wandering has just become a lot more fun. Well this time it was also more fun because I ended up finding 2 really good shops for film. To my surprise one of them had some ORWO 35mm film. Curious I bought about 10 rolls of it, (didn’t just buy all he had because the film was about good 12 years expired).

Waiting to be tested. Expired film would need to be either pushed one stop OR will have to be overexposed +1 while shooting. Because the ISO here is so low (only 125) so it would be best to shoot it at 50 ISO in the sunlight rather than push a grainy 125 to 200 ISO

Research revealed that ORWO NP22 is actually made by the VEB Filmfabrik Wolfen plant in East Germany. After the re-unification of Germany, the film went a brand change and became Ilford FP4. So I guess it must be a contrasty film, I’m so eager to test it but haven’t just had the time. Soon! And if it shoots well, then shall just pick up the entire stock.

Pay By Meter

I’ll be posting some new film pharmacist reviews (got the new Lomography Orca reviewed) and a few new interviews soon. Sorry again for being away for so long. Long live film!


One thought on “Plans To Vanish

  1. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Mr B. Love that Polaroid composition. In the South of the country where I reside, the rains are playing hide and seek. Serendipity! How wonderful that you got stumbled onto this film. Can’t wait to see what comes out of your vision on that film. Be back soon!

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