Develop Before 1989

Seems that the primary shop which used to sell film in Delhi is now no more. The fellow shut down shop about 2 months ago due to low sales. Now the only way to acquire films in Delhi is to go through Madanjee (who is the most vile, rude and arrogant person on the planet but has access to film and equipment). All in all the only option is now to import. Just so you know, non-pro grade films are still available in the market.

Anyway, I was wandering about and I did find something interesting.

Found something wandering about πŸ™‚

Now the question is, how to go about shooting and developing expired films. Most of the people I know who shoot them don’t really follow a procedure but experts will say that for every 10 years you need to overexpose the film by 1 stop. So 800 ISO comes down to 200 ISO if its 20 years old. But low ISO films tend to have more tolerance, so they need to be shot at about half the ISO. So this Kodak can be shot at 50ISO. I got my hands on 5 rolls so I think I can experiment and find the best exposure via a clip test. Interestingly enough, another blog documents shooting a 50+ year old film roll here.

When I saw the film, the guy didn’t let me put my hands on it saying its 120. (he actually tried to explain to me what 120mm is and then a detailed explanations of how foreigners want to always buy expired films. Which also led to a conversation of how vintage cameras from India have vanished because all are bought by tourists and then taken abroad, sigh).


7 thoughts on “Develop Before 1989

  1. i’v been to Madanjee just once. Never went back.
    And shopkeepers explain to me what a “chrome” is every time i try to buy one..

  2. Technically speaking, if the film is rated 800 and you are exposing it as if it was a 200 speed film, you’d be overexposing it. That’s because 200 speed film needs much more light to be exposed properly. To underexpose 800 speed film, you’d rate it higher; 1600 would be one stop for example.

    Anyway, ratings and ISO aside. I hope you get some great shots out of your film!

    1. Sorry about that part Yardley. I typed “under” instead of “over”. Changed now. And yes, you’re right!

      Pushing films also works but I don’t want to do it because I don’t really know how the film has been kept and how grainy it already is.

  3. Its Been a year since the last comment. The Packaging looks so much better then. I even remember the Konica Centuria 100/200/400 having really nice packaging. Loved the Poster. Will Be Printing it soon. Most probably the first thing ill hang up once i shift to my new place.
    Did you shoot the roll though? im curious as to how the images turned out πŸ™‚

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