The Film Pharmacist : Lomography Lady Grey 400

Catalog Number : 017
Reviewed By : Akshay Bhoan, ME!
Film Name : Lomography Lady Grey 400
Format : 120 / 135 / Instant :  135 (Lomography does produce BW 120mm too but its just called Lady Grey B&W)
Speed (ISO) : 400
Color / Slide / BW : BW
Processing (C41 / E6 / BW) : BW
Color Exaggeration (R/G/B) : None
Availability (In Production / Back Stock / Discontinued) : In Production
Contrast : Low
Uniformity (High, Mid, Low) : Mid
Personal Comments : Lomography recently released its BW film for 35mm cameras. The brand has 100 & 400 ISO films and I was quite hesitant on using it initially but its performance has been quite consistent and the grain is quite sharp (its not as sharp as tmax but not as thick as ilford pan 400 or even Trix 400, but more tests to be done soon). Most interestingly, I found another blog (great discussion here) writing about the film and its speculated origins, and claims that the 100 ISO could be repackaged Fomapan 100 and 400 ISO could be Tmax (which I highly doubt) or Ilford repackaged.

Samples :


5 thoughts on “The Film Pharmacist : Lomography Lady Grey 400

  1. fantastic series, ur film pharmacist stuff.. i was thinking of doing something similar of my own – although ive been shooting not that long with film, so i havent tried quite that many types of film.. great stuff 🙂

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