Shameless Self Promotion : Cards & Websites

In latest news, after being pushed by a dear friend (who’s a LA / Bombay based director) I now have a fancy website (well its started atleast). I think soon enough Constellation Cafe will have its own link too.

So here it is, is now online. Check it out! In the visual sense the page design is minimal for now and has just redirection to different links. But I’ll be changing that soon.

Yay for the website, its finally up!

Also I had been working on some branding so will also show you my cards which I’m currently using. Design again is minimal and basic which makes them striking yet simple.

The design is monochrome with only basic text.
I have no idea why the desk has so much clutter 😦

Anyway, got my hands on some new photobooks so more review’s to come. Also I’m finished interviewing (transcribing) Max Pinckers and another great photographer (name withheld to create anticipation) which will be uploaded soon. I’m testing my Leica and a new camera, Lomography Horizon Perfekt soon, I’ll be discussing those too. So bookmark Constellation Cafe!

6 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion : Cards & Websites

  1. Good photographs! I really like your photographs a lot! and not to mention the posts! I have been following your blog since quite sometime. Inspiring work – both, in photographs and writing the thoughts. Keep them coming.

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