Inspire By Design Contest : Win a La Sardina!

Lomography India & Constellation Cafe, along with Humped Mag & Little Black Book Delhi are holding a contest which can give you a chance to win a brand new Lomography La Sardina!

We’ve been talking about how incredible small cameras can be and also about the design of the Limited Edition Fred Perry La Sardina. And nowConstellation Cafe lets you win a beautiful Lomography La Sardina! How and what do you need to do?

What is a La Sardina?

Inspired by the Sardine cans, the Lomography La Sardina is an tiny point and shoot camera. It comes with a 22mm plastic lens (which produces just the most unique wide angle pictures) and a fixed aperture of f8. Why is it so awesome? Because its light, its magnificently designed and it takes great pictures!

The La Sardina Family

Want to know more? Hop over to the La Sardina Official Microsite.

What is the contest about?

Just download this design template with outlines of a Lomography La Sardina and print it. Once printed, take whatever medium you like and give it a brand new design. Make it abstract, make it monotone or make it graphic, your choice. All we ask is to make the design yourself and not on a computer (no photoshopping!).

When you’re finished, scan the final design and send it over to me at “” with subject “Inspire By Design” with your name and city. Don’t have a scanner? Don’t worry, click a good clear shot of the design and sent it over.

Deadline & Rules

The contest end 24th May 2012.

The emails of all participants will be shared with Lomography India. Also the participant in the future cannot claim any rights to design or Lomography releasing a “similar” model. Copyrights will be with Lomography. Max 2 entries per blog. All entries must be unique.

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