Vintage & Design

Seems vintage has really caught up again this season, as clearly announced by my favorite stylist friend Lesly. But what seems to be really in style is retrofitting actually, taking the old, re innovating and bring out something with charm and all the new found functionality.

Some time ago I got my hands on the then covert-ed La Sardina Fred Perry, which is a limited edition camera made in collaboration with the brand Fred Perry, on their 60th Anniversary.

The La-Sardina Fred Perry is made completely of metal, with etchings on it. Its one of the most beautiful camera I've ever seen.

Technically the camera is the same as the La Sardina family from Lomography but in terms of design its unique. Its a little heavy due to the metal but it makes up in looks and the quality of the camera as a whole.

Even the lens cap is metal here. Also the flash (not shown here) is metallic.
The Fred Perry edition would be on sale only through the fashion brand itself, as news said by April 10th.

There are no real design notes about the camera and its inspiration online. But its interesting how the top know for rewind has a British flag on it in bronze. Also the main design, the lines converging to form V’s, seems to be in line with the design of the flag. The back of the camera extends the same design but in a more focused, more zoomed up prespective, which actually starts to look like a leaf, much like the Fred Perry Logo.

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