Dreams & Whispers

Casual photographs sometimes revel a state of mind more clear than a meditative state can. Recently I shot with two of my dear friends. And just like that, these pictures were almost an extension of my older series, as if the missing pieces of the chemistry I was trying to find.

"Sisters" series takes ahead the "Disappearing Act" series, almost a extension
I chose to work with both the girls in the same color tone to enhance the value of the shared bond and blood bonds.
I was a little scared that the negs from the shoot will be too dark but they turned out fine. I'm surprised that Tmax 100 even pushed 2 stops produces almost zero grain.
I wish I would have carried color films for this shoot but unfortunately I had my hands only on BW 120.
One final from the Contact Sheet

Just one thing to remember is that don’t get attracted to a shot because of the medium but let the shot choose the medium. I later felt that these shots would be much better in color but I kept shooting in bw film. I shot only 5 pictures with digital, 2 of those are on the top of the article. Its important to not let equipment lead the project, no matter how exotic it is.

So after that, I did try to reshoot but I wasn’t able to, because of some logistics issues. I did manage to get a few portraits which I love.

Perfection in Imperfections
Ending it all

7 thoughts on “Dreams & Whispers

  1. Depicts a great chemistry…I have my 4 personal favorites
    – Picture 1
    – Shot 2 (series on stairs)
    – Reading (series in cafe)
    – Perfection in Imperfections
    Great shots Akshay 🙂

  2. The color/digital shots def stand out. Especially like the last shot (with my bend for melancholia.) The eyes there speak volumes, arguably distinctly than any other shot. Love the way the lips have been rendered there too.

    Good tonality in the Black and White, but the urban setting does not work quite as strongly as the wilderness in D.Act to create a mystical space for your theme. As a result in many shots the models appear a bit self conscious, while it is something else that is breaking the spell. The bottles in the background especially catch the eye every-time. which is a shame because the ladies look lovely.

    Somehow for this shoot, your compositions in digital shot seem stronger.

    Attentive mind is never casual. Your dedication to detail is always stimulating.

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